At Wiggly Dog training

  • We don’t hold “traditional” dog training classes - you won’t see a circle of dogs walking round with the handlers shouting “WALKIES!”
  • We allow clickers to be used in class
  • Each week handlers are given handouts that cover what has been taught that week - allowing you to practice at home with the same methods as used in class
  • Classes are limited to a maximum of 8 to 10 dogs.

This provides a number of benefits

  1. The trainer can give more attention to each dog and handler
  2. Your dog won’t find the number of dogs in the class overwhelming
  3. Classes are big enough to give you and your dog a bit of rest between exercises
  4. It is easier to ask questions and the trainer has more time to answer

Classes Starting Soon

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The Beginners class can be started at any time - but please check availability
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Dogs per class


Pre Puppy

1 Evening

None -
up to 15 people

Buying a puppy is a very big decision, but have you considered all aspects of buying and owning a dog? This one hour seminar takes you through choosing the breed of dog that suits your lifestyle, to choosing a breeder. It also covers issues such as socialising your new puppy, initial training, how big your dog will grow and how much exercise he will need and how much he will cost to feed, then go on to diverse topics such as taking your dog abroad and choosing boarding kennels. When booking please let us know what type of dog you are considering


8 weeks


This class is for dogs that will be under 12 months old at the end of the course.
We aim to give your puppy an excellent start to his training. We only use gentle and fun methods to teach your puppy ‘The Basics’.
You will also learn what your responsibilities as a dog owner are, both to your dog and to society in general.
Puppies and handlers that succesfully pass the course will be awarded the Kennel Club Good Citizen Puppy Foundation Award (PDF)




Once you have completed the puppy class, or if you are starting training with an older dog, this is the class to start with.
You will learn to teach your dog the basic things that make having a dog a pleasure. including walking by your side and coming back when called.
The Beginners course covers the requirements for the Kennel Club Good Citizen Bronze Award (PDF). Bronze awards tests are held regularly

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