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Puppy Class

Puppies start learning as soon as they are born, so it is important to start teaching our puppies as soon as we can. We need to teach them  not only that they need to walk nicely by our sides and some back when we call, but how to act towards other dogs and people.

The puppy class is an 7 week course where the number of puppies is limited, this allows the instructors to give you and your puppy the attention you deserve. This does mean that you must Book Early to ensure you get a place

The puppy class takes place on a Friday Night at Elmsted Market Community Centre, the class is 45 minutes to an hour long and starts at 7pm. The cost of the course is £40

Please Note the first week of the puppy course is without dogs, this is so we can give you  lots of information and training tips without you being distracted by your puppy!

All puppies that successfully complete the course will be awarded a Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme Puppy Foundation Award  

We take puppies from as soon as your vet says that it’s OK for your puppy to be introduced to other dogs, this is normally around 12 weeks, to puppies that will be 12 months at the end of the course

Using gentle and fun methods we aim to give your puppy an excellent start to their training.

During the 8 week course you will learn how to teach your puppies ‘The Basics’:

Your puppy will also to become socialised with people and dogs he has not met before.

You will learn what your responsibilities as a dog owner are, both to your dog and to society in general.

At the end of the course you and your puppy will be fully prepared to join the ‘big dogs’ in the beginners class

If you are interested in attending the puppy class please contact Keith for more information